Weekly Uploads

I'm so excited to be bringing you this membership and community online! 

It has been a dream of mine for a very long time. 

I used yoga and meditation daily in my own recovery and it made a significate change in my life. 

That is why I became an Instructor and started teaching. 

If you have any questions or comments, post them on the Community page. I've found that if one person has a question others are wondering the same thing. 

Enjoy your practice! 


Your Heart Centered Activities

  • 1


    • Anchor for the wandering mind - Meditation

    • Start your day in gratitude - Meditation

    • Compassion for self - Meditation

    • Visualization for Deep Sleep

    • Grounding through body awareness

    • Higher Self Meditation

    • Mindfulness for anxiety

  • 2

    Recorded Yoga Classes

    • Yin Yoga - Hip & Chest opener

    • Yin Yoga - Easy to follow (beginner/intermediate)

    • Yin Yoga - Shoulder & Neck release

    • Chair Yoga

    • Intermediate Yoga sequence - Shoulder strengthener

    • Yoga for mobility - standing series

    • Easy morning flow

  • 3

    2 week meditation challenge

    • Get started

    • Workbook

    • Meditation links

  • 4

    Finding Me

    • Getting to know yourself and where you want to be

    • Guided Imagery 1

    • Part 2


  • Is yoga hard and can I do it?

    I get this question a lot. The style of yoga that you will find here is Yin Yoga. It is easy to follow and safe to do. It's a very gentle form of yoga for recovery.

  • I'm not very flexible, I'm not sure if I should do yoga.

    YES! of course you should, not being very flexible is in fact the reason why you should do a yoga practice. As we age we need to work on our flexibility, mobility and stability. Yoga will help you will all of those things.

  • I've never meditated before. What if I can't do the whole thing?

    You don't have to. Even three minutes a day will help you slow down, relax and reap the benefits over time. Start slowly and work up to longer sessions.

We would love to hear how you did.

Post on the community page.