What is included.

EXCLUSIVE TO THIS MEMBERSHIP; Daily contact with Messenger.

  • 1:1 Coaching calls

  • Bi-weekly group connection calls / Group support chats .

  • Monthly workshops/masterclasses.

  • All access. General, Premium and Signature programs.

  • Stay connected and supported through Messenger and the community page.


There is limited space at this membership level.

  • Coaching Calls

    Make huge gains every step of the way as you work through each program. With private coaching, each program becomes more personalized to you. Coaching will help you make the neccessary mindset shifts, nutritional changes, stay accountable and much more. Make the most of your membership with the one-on-one coaching option.

  • Monthly Support Group Calls

    Get connected with like minded people. It has been proven to make a huge difference in your success as you make changes. No one does this alone! Feel seen and support in the group calls as you start to make massive shift in your life. Trust in yourself and the group, you are not alone in this journey. Group support works!

  • Private Messenger Group

    No question is too small. My clients found having access to me when they needed help and felt stuck was instrumental in their success. Understanding I was there for them gave them the security to really dig deep into each part of the program and bust through limiting beliefs and make huge strides in their transformation.

My client. Transformed!

Meet Jessica

My Transformation

Jessica Skead

Penny is, quite simply, amazing to work with. She's been through a lot herself, and this allows her empathy to drive her interactions. She pushes me to be brutally honest with myself, others in my life, and to make the right changes for the right reasons. I've only been working with Penny since about mid-summer - and I've lost weight and gained a better sense of control of my life. Penny provides great one-on-one coaching, along with group sessions. Group is super helpful, working with others experiencing similar issues - not to mention watching THEM shine under Penny's guidance - it's just awesome.


  • How many people are in the Optimal Membership?

    This level of membership includes a lot of one-on-one time and extensive coaching. I need the time to be available during the day. I have limited it to 30 members max at this time.

  • If it is full how do I get in?

    There will be a waitlist for those members who want to scale up, as placement becomes available I will contact you. If you are happy in the current level of your membership I will then open up the space for another member.

  • What are the real nenefits of this level of membership?

    I'm glad your asked! My clients have gone through massive changes in their daily lives, in their relationships, with themselves and others. They have stopped self-sabotaging their dreams and have been able to see their dreams and work towards them. The Mindset shifts alone have brought them incredible transformations


Spaces are limited for this membership level.

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